'It was love at first sight:' Milwaukee couple celebrating 70th wedding anniversary

NOW: ’It was love at first sight:’ Milwaukee couple celebrating 70th wedding anniversary

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee couple is celebrating 70 years of marriage today. The two soulmates celebrated the special day with family and friends, while also receiving special honor from the city,

The couple, 89-year-old James Mitchell and 88-year-old Jimmie Mitchell, tied the knot 70 years ago at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. The two first locked eyes on the streets of Milwaukee and have been together ever since.

“It was love at first sight,” James said.

The two received a special letter from Milwaukee’s Common Council honoring their special bond Tuesday. The couple was surrounded by family and friends who were celebrating their special anniversary. Jimmie hopes that their love story inspires others.

“Maybe they’re looking at us saying if they can stay together that long, maybe I can too,” Jimmie said.

The couple says the secret to a successful marriage is simple - respect one another.

“Be kind to one another, treat a person how you would want them to treat you, and just love one another,” said Jimmie.

They had another trick up their sleeve that they say helped them have a successful marriage. They weren’t always together.  

“He worked second shift, and I worked first. So we’re not on each other’s feet, so we haven’t had a chance to get sick of one another," Jimmie added. 

As the two celebrate their wedded bliss, they still think back to the vows they took seven decades ago.

“That part about 'till death do you part - I think that’s what’s going to part us, nothing else,” James said.

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