It Takes More Than The Luck Of The Irish

St. Patrick’s Day, the observance of Irish heritage with plenty of green beer flowing, is quickly approaching.  This makes March 17 a potentially dangerous day to be on the roads.  Drunk driving deaths were eight percentage points higher nationally on St. Patrick’s Day compared to other days in 2019. 

St. Patrick’s Day is commonly associated with wearing green, as well as excessive drinking.  The personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham hope that while out celebrating, you also remember to stay safe.   Please take a moment to read the following tips for a safer St. Patrick’s Day to ensure your day is full of lucky charms!

  • Don’t drink and drive.  Whether it is a designated driver, Uber or Lyft, plan a safe way to get home before you leave.
  • Wear a seatbelt and watch out for others who may be intoxicated, if you are a designated driver.
  • Remain cautious if you drive.  While you may be driving safely, it does not mean that other drivers are as well.
  • Use the buddy system to ensure everyone gets home safely.
  • Never let your friends get behind the wheel if you suspect they are intoxicated.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat.  Drinking on an empty stomach is dangerous.
  • Only bring what you need (i.e., wallet, purse, ID, cellphone, etc.).
  • Know your surroundings wherever you are celebrating.  Locate fire exits and safe points.
  • Collect keys from your guests if you’re hosting a party at home.
  • Watch for intoxicated pedestrians.  The city is filled with people celebrating and intoxicated patrons sometimes stumble onto main roads or fail to use crosswalks, so be vigilant of those around you.

We hope everyone who is out celebrating on March 17 has a day filled with joy and fun.  The attorneys at Hupy and Abraham hope that with these tips on your mind, you have a safe St. Patrick’s Day, and implore you to please never drink and drive.

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