'It has gotten worse': Greenfield community reacts to deadly officer involved shooting

NOW: ’It has gotten worse’: Greenfield community reacts to deadly officer involved shooting

GREENFIELD (CBS 58)-- Community members in the area say they are taken back by what unfolded overnight with the officer involved shooting near 27th and Becher which has a Greenfield police officer in critical condition and left a 31-year-old suspect dead.

Many in the neighborhood where the scene happened said they are surprised by the incident. Some of them woke up to yellow tape surrounding their homes and say they are growing concerned about their safety.

"I heard the shooting this morning which woke me up and immediately I started praying," said Nidia Soto, who lives on Layton Blvd, close to where the scene happened.

"At about like 1:30 maybe 2 o'clock in the morning I hear all those fire departments and ambulance all over the place," said Jesus Cervante, who lives on Layton Blvd, close to where the scene happened.

It was not a scene community members were expecting to see in the early hours of Sunday. Streets were blocked off and a heavy police presence alarmed many who live along Layton Blvd, Rogers and S 27th Street.

"I was surprised because this is something that doesn’t happen very often. This area is kind of quiet," said Mario Diaz, a community member who lives near the scene.

However, some said this isn't out of the ordinary. Soto who has been living in the area for 10 years said there is a lot of car racing and reckless driving.

"It has gotten worse, it is pretty scary to the point that sometimes I just don't feel like sitting on the porch anymore because I feel like any car can come in and hit me," said Soto. She is a bishop at the El Nuevo Pacto Church on Rogers Street. It was blocked off with yellow tape.

"Most people don't stop at this stop sign, they just kind of go and are not really mindful of other people or kids playing in the road," said Lily Lopez, a community member who lives on Roger Blvd.

Cervantes and his family have been living in the area for over 20 years. He said it’s a nice neighborhood and everyone gets along but has seen the reckless driving growing and has even been a victim of gun related incidents.

"Not a long time ago also somebody shot, there was another shooting and some gunshots got into the house," said Cervantes.

Some community members who live in the neighborhood said this incident could have been avoided.

"It could have not even happened. He (suspect) would have just stopped. No matter what he was doing or why he ran and shot the officer and all of that, it could have just not happened. He could still be alive and the officer could be okay. It's sad," said Ashley King, a community member who lives on Roger Blvd.

"I just hope the officer gets well soon and our prayers for the guy who died and the family," said Cervantes.

Community members also said they would like to see more involvement from police and city leaders to address and put an end to the reckless driving incidents.

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