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Islamic Society of Milwaukee Searching for Justice After a Muslim Woman was Attacked

The Islamic Society of Milwaukee wants justice for a Muslim woman who was attacked this week. They believed what happened to her was a hate crime. Police have not called what happened to the woman a hate crime and that's exactly why several religious leaders came together today to urge officers to investigate it as one.

Several people from different religious backgrounds joined the Islamic Center of Milwaukee in calling for police to investigate what happened to the woman as a hate crime. The attack happened less than a block away from the center.

Officials say before sunrise on Monday, a woman came to the Islamic Center to pray. As she started her short walk home, they say a man pulled her hijab, yelled curse words, then beat her.

Police say because of the exchange, where the man claimed to have known the woman, they cannot officially say this was a hate crime. The victim says she did not recognize her attacker.

"She's doing better. She's bruised. She, of course, has come significant physical pain. She's shocked. She's very upset that this happened to her and of course very fearful that whoever did this may still be out there and she would like this person apprehended," said Munjed Ahmad with the Islamic Center of Milwaukee. 

Another thing people here thought didn't make sense was when the attacker just ran away and didn't take any valuables. County officials say if anyone heard or saw anything, to come forward.

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