Is special election victory in Wisconsin a sign of the "blue wave?"

NOW: Is special election victory in Wisconsin a sign of the “blue wave?“

Democrats say Caleb Frostman winning a senate district President Trump won by more than 17 points is a sign of things to come.

"It just shows the momentum of Wisconsin Democrats and their desire to see change in politics," Sen. LaTonya Johnson, D-Milwaukee, said.

A democrat hadn't held the seat since Gerald Ford was president.

Republicans saw things differently. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos tweeted about Jon Plummer's Assembly victory showing signs of a red wall. Gov. Scott Walker downplayed both elections.

"You're going to have about a million people turn out in the fall than did in the spring, and so you're going to have much higher turnout statewide, as you did in individual districts."

UWM Professor Mordecai Lee says the split shows what democratic momentum can and can't accomplish in the state.

"The blue wave in Wisconsin can overcome some gerrymandering in Republican districts. Can win some, but they can't do it all the way. They can't do it in every election."

Republicans now hold just a three seat advantage in the state senate. Democrats say they see nine other districts they could potentially flip in November and take control.

"We are two seats away from the majority in the Senate, and last night's win was such a huge accomplishment. Democrats hadn't held that seat in over 40 years."

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