Inside look: Milwaukee's Bronze Fonz takes a winter vacation

Inside look: Milwaukee’s Bronze Fonz takes a winter vacation

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We're getting an inside look at where the Bronze Fonz is after he disappeared from Milwaukee's Riverwalk.

The Bronze Fonz is in a much warmer spot than his normal one on the riverwalk, for a much needed vacation since he started standing there in 2008.

"Bronze Fonz really just needed a little self-care, we needed to have him go on a spa retreat," joked Lindsey McKee with VISIT Milwaukee.

She said the response to Fonz leaving the public eye temporarily was big.

"We were very surprised by the fact that our locals noticed that he was gone and immediately took to social media," said McKee, "And let everyone know Fonz was missing."

Now, he's in the hands of Vanguard Sculpture Services.

Mile Nolte, co-owner there, said he's enjoying the getaway back to where he was made.

Nolte said Bronze Fonz was cast there over 10 years ago from artist Gerald Sawyer's sculpture.

"At one time, he was 2,000 degrees!" said Nolte.

Then he was cooled and welded together.

Nolte said they're working on the best way to remove paint and patina, or coloration, to the metal.

"And then we'll reapply the paint where it's appropriate and reapply the patina where it's appropriate, the difference being that a patina is a chemical coloration of the metal," said Nolte.

Nolte said it's an honor to be taking care of such a beloved cultural icon.

"It's a lot of fun to be a part of history. Even though it's fictionalized Milwaukee history, it's still Milwaukee history," said Nolte.

VISIT Milwaukee officials said Bronze Fonz will be back on the riverwalk to welcome people to Milwaukee in a couple of weeks.

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