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Inmate accused of ordering hit on former Milwaukee prosecutor who helped put him behind bars

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A prison inmate is accused of ordering a hit on a former Milwaukee prosecutor who helped put him behind bars.

The Department of Justice says Steven Jordan told a fellow prisoner he would pay $3,000 to have Laura Crivello beaten up and $7,500 to have her killed.

Crivello was an assistant district attorney when Jordan was sentenced to 14 years in prison for heroin trafficking.

"It truly affects every moment of my day,” she said. “Now it's not just a case that happens in the courtroom. I think about it when I'm home, I think about it when I'm driving, I think about my family."

Authorities say while behind bars, Jordan spoke to more than one inmate about how angry he was at Crivello and wanted to harm her.

Jordan's mother, Latasha Savage has also now been taken into custody for conspiring with her son to carry out the hit.

Investigators say Savage was going to handle the money transfer.

Crivello is no longer a prosecutor and has been appointed as a Milwaukee County Circuit Judge. She will begin the new position in September.

She says as frightening as this experience of getting targeted has been, in no way will affect how she does her job.

"Being a prosecutor, your job is to pursue justice," Crivello said. "As a judge, that's my role pretty much too. To do the right thing for the right reasons and I'm going to continue doing just that."

Crivello says she went to work at the courthouse with a security detail because it was a place that had been suggested for the hit.

In the criminal complaint against Jordan, it says he wanted specifically white girls to carry out the beating, because black girls would “throw it off.”

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