Initial plans released for 'Tent City' land underneath downtown overpass

NOW: Initial plans released for ’Tent City’ land underneath downtown overpass

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Initial plans for the land known as "Tent City" in Milwaukee were discussed Wednesday at a city committee meeting.

Members of the Milwaukee Department of Public Works and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District shared the project plans with city leaders.

The project would be complete in two phases. It would include a storm water runoff system, green area and an urban mountain bike project. The potential bike project would be complete in the second phase.

Over the last month, most of the homeless encampment has been cleared out of the land owned by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

The idea is to finalize Phase One project plans in Spring 2020 and begin construction by late summer. Phase One would cost around $1 million and be funded by the Green Solutions Fund.

However, some city leaders are worried the homeless will return to the area.

"It's not obvious how this plan will preclude camping," 4th District Ald. Robert Bauman said. "It looks like it will still have flat ground, with landscape features, and retention areas, which are of course dry when there's no storm water."

The plans are not final. A public information meeting will be held on December 17 at MMSD headquarters.

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