"I was frantic:" Victim speaks out after 5 cars stolen from customers at Kenosha dealership

“I was frantic: “ Victim speaks out after 5 cars stolen from customers at Kenosha dealership

Five vehicles were stolen from a Kenosha auto dealership lot last Friday after being targeted by organized thieves.

Investigators have confirmed that it's the same dealership that was targeted back in February.

The Sheriff's Department says since Friday they've located one of the cars but the others are still missing.

A victim of this current car theft is speaking out after her car was one of the ones taken. 

The victim says that something about this just isn't right, especially since it's the second time the dealership had problems in the past 6 months.

Jamie Corley is relying on her Nissan Sentra to get to school. It's a loaner she says Kenosha Nissan gave her after someone stole five customer's cars.

"I was frantic. It's nerve-racking to know your vehicle is out there somewhere and you don't know where it is," Corley said.

Kenosha Police say the suspects broke a window, used one of the cars to drive through the garage door, then drove the rest right out. Corley says her keys weren't in a lock box but inside of the car.

"I feel like a victim. I had personal information, my address is in there, I am scared that they now know where I live."

Back in February, thieves attempted to break in but couldn't get them out.

"You think they would have then done something further to protect us, alarm security, something. Nothing has been put in place since that incident happened in February. I just hope it's a rude awakening for them to do something about it."

Corley believes in her case this could have been avoided. The rust spot repair she says was finished Wednesday, two days before the theft but she never got a call to pick it up.

"The ball was dropped. There's negligence in play. I just want what was fair."

CBS 58 reached out to Nissan for a statement.

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