"I Voted" Freebies Nixed after Crackdown from Milwaukee Co. DA's Office

If you were looking to score some free stuff using your "I Voted' sticker on Tuesday you might not have had much luck.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office cracked down on restaurants promoting voter freebies worth more than $1.

David Sapp, bar manager for Drink Wisconsinbly, got a personal visit from a Milwaukee County District Attorney representative. 

He said he had no idea that the promotion would have been illegal - adding that his deal had been listed along with others in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and in OnMilwaukee.

"Well we wanted to do something since it's such a big controversial election. We wanted to do something to get people out there and vote no matter what side you're on. So we decided to offer free Miller High Life drafts as a promotion for that," Sapp said.

"We were just looking for the 'I Voted' sticker. A little confirmation that, indeed, you did get out and vote," Sapp said.

but the problem is that the menu price for the beer was too high: over $1. Sapp calls the whole experience odd.

"I think it's probably going to get as much conversation as the actual race itself because so many local restaurants were participating on some level," Sapp said.

Bel Air Cantina also rescinded it's offer to trade "I Voted" stickers for free margaritas. Instead they will make the free drink promotion open to everyone over 21 on Wednesday.

One suggestion offered to to these businesses that they could get around the election day rules: simply offer the same promotion to everyone in the establishment without asking if that person had voted or not. It's something Sapp said he's considering for the future.

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