"I had to kill that man:" 19-year-old Greenfield man charged following fatal stabbing

NOW: “I had to kill that man:“ 19-year-old Greenfield man charged following fatal stabbing

Warning: Details may be considered graphic to some.

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A 19-year-old Greenfield man is now charged with fatally stabbing a man on Tuesday in a random attack. 

Amando Lang, 19, is now charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide. 

Greenfield Police were called to the area of 60th and Armour around 12 p.m. on August 27 for a report of a man who had been stabbed in the neck.

Upon arrival, officers located the victim, later identified as Ben Christianson, lying on his back in a grassy area. Christianson had a large cut to the left side of his neck. He was taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries. 

During the investigation, police learned that Christianson was an employee of Ramaker Associates and that he was working in the area taking soil samples.

Officers spoke with a witness who was driving in the area. According to the witness, she saw a man dressed in all black standing in front of the victim. The witness said it looked like he hit the victim and she initially thought it was a fight. She then saw the victim collapse and the man in all black run from the area.

Based on descriptions from witnesses, officers identified Amando Lang as a person of interest in the stabbing. 

Lang was taken into custody at his residence. 

According to the criminal complaint, Investigators spoke with Lang who allegedly told them the following:

“So basically, the man at Speedway on – on the curb side, the sidewalk, with the house on everything. Speedway cameras and everything. Basically what happened is that man was a criminal. And I understood that every single day that this man was going to try to murder, you
know, my family and s***, you know. So, I’m going to understand that I’m gonna start (unintelligible) the story – meaning I’m going to sit here and say it’s short. I’m going to (unintelligible). I went and I told him in the call, you sat there and tried breaking into my door again. I’m going to meet you at Speedway where you work and do your dirty s***, f***– to the f****** government. Meaning, you are a criminal. And I’m going to sit there and I’m going to shank you in your neck with my f****** innuendo. Okay. So this man was thinking, oh, I have a 99% chance of killing him, right? Which is me, which is me. Which I’m not up there. I’m here now. I’m living. I killed him. Right? So basically, I went and I went to the sidewalk. I sat there and walked all the way down there. I slipped my innuendo – I took my innuendo, put it through his f****** neck, watched his f****** neck bleed out putrid a*** f***** blood, knowing I had a  99% chance of dying. Okay? Which I am officially known as FBI cop, officially known as a (unintelligible) in street name language to sit there and tell people that I’m FBI. Nah, understandably I’m getting so sick and tired of this s***. And I know that you have the trail cam for this (unintelligible) right? Okay? So basically, when‐ when I killed him, I ran all the way home. I got arrested. Which I’m here right now. And you know, I’ll beat my case.”

According to a warrant which was released, the suspect "had displayed a lot of unusual behavior recently, including being highly paranoid and possibly schizophrenic." He was also "known to carry weapons, which included swords and knives."

According to the criminal complaint, Lang also spoke with his mother and told her "I had to kill that f****** man."

Ramaker & Associates released the following statement regarding the death of Ben Christianson:

“Yesterday we learned that we lost a member of our team in a senseless act of violence in Greenfield. We are heartbroken to learn of this incident. He was a wonderful person and a great member of our organization. As an organization we are devastated and our thoughts go out to his family and loved ones. We are providing access to grief counselors for our employees to help them get through this difficult time.We thank and appreciate the first responders for their efforts in this situation. We are proactively working with law enforcement as they proceed with their investigation and are providing them with any information they need to solve this case, we strongly encourage others to do the same. Due to the nature of this investigation and out of respect to the loved ones of the team member we lost, we will have no further comment at this time.”
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