'I condemned the breach': Ron Johnson speaks at 'We Back the Badge' event in Muskego

NOW: ’I condemned the breach’: Ron Johnson speaks at ’We Back the Badge’ event in Muskego

MUESKEGO, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Republican Senator Ron Johnson was in southeast Wisconsin Saturday, June 5. He spoke at an event in Muskego called "We Back the Badge."

Dozens of people showed up for Johnson's speech. He used the time to criticize democrats and defending his decision to speak out against certifying election results in Arizona last November. 

He also spoke on the January 6 insurrection. 

"They're concentrating on a false narrative," Johnson said. "And that false narrative was that there were thousands of armed insurrections. There weren't, But I condemned the breach. I condemned the violence." 

Johnson previously said he didn't think January 6 was an armed insurrection, pointing to the FBI saying they recovered no guns. However, there are gun charges pending for several suspects and people brought a variety of other weapons to the capitol, including sun guns, bear spray, and baseball bats. 

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