"I can't imagine a better summer job:" Mailboat jumper tryouts held in Lake Geneva

NOW: “I can’t imagine a better summer job:“ Mailboat jumper tryouts held in Lake Geneva

LAKE GENEVA, Wis. (CBS 58) – Around nine teens competed Tuesday morning for a coveted spot as a Lake Geneva Mailboat jumper.

It’s a more than 100 year tradition on Geneva Lake.

“We are one of the very few places that still has marine mail delivery,” Lake Geneva Cruise Line general manager Jack Lothian said.

Every morning throughout the summer, jumpers leap onto docks, put mail in the mailbox and leap back onto the moving boat. For newcomers on Tuesday, the task wasn’t so easy.

“After I fell in on the first one I was a little defeated but then I got it on the second one and felt a lot better,” Paige Aspinall said.

When the jumpers are not delivering mail, they are giving a tour of the lake and landmarks to the more than 150 people who pay to be on board.

“I can’t imagine a better summer job,” Three-year jumper Connor Handel said. “We get to be out on the lake with a bunch of our friends. It’s awesome.”

Lake Geneva Cruise Lines hired four regular jumpers and three alternates. They are:

Regular jumpers:

Katie Theisz

Connor Handel

Ronan McCarter

Molly McEneany


Sean Brady

Lauren Kirkwood

Paige Aspinall

The Mailboat starts Friday, June 15. More information on the tours can be found on the Lake Geneva Cruise Line 

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