"I am still on Cloud 9:" Woman meets Tony Romo in Atlanta on her birthday

NOW: “I am still on Cloud 9:“ Woman meets Tony Romo in Atlanta on her birthday

ATLANTA (CBS 58) -- The Packers aren't in the Super Bowl but a strong Wisconsin presence will still be there.

Wisconsin has a Quarterback in a prominent role in this Super Bowl -- not Brady or Goff.  Tony Romo, the CBS Color Commentator, had some fun with fans in a local shopping center.

Romo threw passes to some lucky fans in the street but he also made one fan's year. It was Emily Masker's birthday, so Romo brought Emily up on stage and signed her jersey. That's a birthday Emily will never forget.

"That was amazing! I am still on Cloud 9. You come here expecting or thinking that you might get an autograph? Was hoping. I just wanted my jersey signed really. Just call that he's doing this event down here, Super Bowl in Atlanta. Cool little thing," said Emily Masker who met Tony Romo.

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