Husband and Wife Both Arrested for OWIs in West Bend After Arguing Over a Toilet Seat

An argument over purchasing a toilet seat led to a husband and wife both being arrested for OWIs in West Bend.

According to West Bend Police, the incident happened around 500 Block of West Paradise Drive.

On Sunday around at 6:08 PM, officers responded to the parking lot of an area business to investigate a report of a male and female arguing inside a motor vehicle in the parking lot. Officers located the vehicle occupied by a husband and wife from Theresa.

The couple was arguing over what type of toilet seat they were going to purchase. The 43 year old wife was driving and was intoxicated, she failed standardized field sobriety tests, and blew a .265 in a PBT. She was arrested for OWI and conveyed to the West Bend Police Department.

At 8:39 PM, the woman’s 58 year old male husband drove his to the West Bend Police Department to pick up his wife.

When the husband drove to the police department he was intoxicated. Officers administered standardized field sobriety tests that the man failed. The man blew a .219 in a PBT, and was arrested for OWI.

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