Students rally to remove police from Milwaukee Public Schools

NOW: Students rally to remove police from Milwaukee Public Schools

MILWAUKEE (CBS) – A rally calling for police to be removed from Milwaukee schools drew hundreds of people Wednesday, June 17.

Students led the effort. Many of them say they would feel safer if police were out of their schools.

“This is a great cause to get MPD out of MPS,” said Kris, a student in Milwaukee taking part in the rally.

“We don’t need police at our school,” he said, “there is no need to have police officers influencing us into going to the school to prison pipeline.”

“The fact that police brutality is happening in schools is very wrong, 'cause that’s a place of education,” said Johnny, a fellow student who spoke at the rally.

While the police are supposed to make students feel safer, the students we talked to say the interactions they’ve had make them feel less safe.

“I didn’t feel safe and I didn’t feel like I was being protected, I felt like I was in danger and it wasn’t a helpful situation to be in,” said Johnny.

“I’ve had many encounters with police officers, almost having a gun pointed at me, almost having to be on the ground, almost having to be Tased,” said Journee, another student who spoke at the event.

These students think money the district pays the department could be better spent somewhere else.

“We should be able to have better resources, better schoolwork, better teachers and well-funded,” said Journee.

They say the hundreds that showed up Wednesday give them hope that something will change.

“It felt good,” said Journee.

“All these people want the same thing and who know the truth, it’s exciting,” said Johnny.

MPD released a statement to CBS 58 saying, “We will continue to support MPS and MPS students.”

MPS wouldn’t comment, but the school board will take up a resolution Thursday that, if passed, would sever all contracts with the Milwaukee Police Department and get officers out of schools.

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