'Hundreds of hours of work:' An inside look at the Milwaukee Election Commission warehouse

NOW: ’Hundreds of hours of work:’ An inside look at the Milwaukee Election Commission warehouse

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — A new campaign underway in Milwaukee aims to educate people on how they can safely and effectively vote in the election.

It’s called ‘Votes Count in the 414’. It also hopes to educate people on how their ballots are processed.

On Wednesday, October 7, the Milwaukee Election Commission hosted a tour of its warehouse.

The commission says it is doing all it can to ensure the voting process is efficient, safe and legitimate.

At the warehouse, absentee ballots are vested, labeled and put into envelopes. Once returned from voters, they are sorted by ward and held until they can be counted on Election Day.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said 110,000 absentee ballots have been delivered in Milwaukee and 43,000 returned.

“This is way off the charts from what we have seen in previous elections,” Barrett said. “There are hundreds of hours of work that goes into preparation for elections, that goes into administering elections both in terms of recruiting workers, getting ballots and making sure locations are accessible.”

More information on the voting process can be found on the MyVote Wisconsin website and the Milwaukee Election Commission website.

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