Milwaukee Democrats tell President Trump 'you're fired,' while GOP voters vow not to give up

NOW: Milwaukee Democrats tell President Trump ’you’re fired,’ while GOP voters vow not to give up

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- Southeastern Wisconsin is divided over this news that Joe Biden has been projected president-elect of the United States.

Only about 20,000 votes separated Biden and President Donald Trump in Wisconsin. That was evident on Saturday, Nov. 7 at two Milwaukee rallies with starkly different tones.

Hundreds of Democratic voters and members of community organizations gathered at Zeidler Union Square in downtown Milwaukee for a victory party for Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

"We returned our ballots. We showed up at the polls, and we sent a resounding message to Donald Trump: 'You're fired,'" said Marcelia Nicholson, chairwoman for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

Democratic voters told CBS 58 they're hopeful Biden and Harris tackle racial inequalities and defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Today is the first time in my 65 years I cried tears of joy at an election," said Nancy Peterson, a voter from Milwaukee.

At a rally, speakers celebrated not just the projection that Biden won the Electoral College but also flipped Wisconsin back to blue.

"They made us go out and vote during the pandemic. I was a victim of COVID-19. I couldn't even go outside, and we still voted. We still went and stood in line for two or three hours," said Rev. Greg Lewis, executive director of Souls to the Polls.

Voters also celebrated Harris becoming the country's first Black vice president-elect.

"Being a woman of color is one major thing. Second of all, being a woman in the White House is another thing," said Demetrica Shipp.

On Milwaukee's south side near 51st and Oklahoma, there was a very different mood at a "Protect the Vote" rally held by the Republican Party of Milwaukee County.

"I'm not giving up. Are you giving up? The president's not giving up. Are you giving up?" Dan O'Donnell, host of 'The Dan O'Donnell Show,' asked the crowd.

The crowd booed as O'Donnell said, "Today, the media declared Joe Biden the winner of the presidency."

At the rally speakers encouraged hundreds of the president's supporters to look for possible voter fraud.

"What brought me here today is to show my support for the correct votes to be counted legally," said Jud Wulff, a voter from West Bend.

"I believe that the election should have been called no later than midnight on Tuesday," said Dawn Waite, a voter from Milwaukee. "I will pray for whatever president we have. However, if it is not fair then it's not free, and that's when we have a really big problem here."

Voters told CBS 58 they're concerned about the validity of absentee ballots counted overnight in Milwaukee County. State election officials have said there have been no irregularities in Wisconsin and dismissed allegations of fraud.

Several said they will gladly observe the canvassing process and take part in a possible recount.

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