HR worker posts applicant's resume on Facebook, mocks it

NOW: HR worker posts applicant’s resume on Facebook, mocks it

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Friends of a man applying for a job in Waukesha say he is considering legal action, after an HR worker posted his resume on a personal Facebook page, and made fun of it.

The employee of Castalloy, Inc. mocked the fact that the man said he had a "G.E.D. in biochemistry," which his friends anonymously told CBS 58 was a mistake. 

The post, which did cross out the man's name, drew a series of comments sarcastically ridiculing the man's intelligence, including that he might "walk into the interview with a chemist jacket on" and "don't let that degree intimidate you." The employee posted she put the resume in the "do not call pile."

Employee law attorneys say there is no specific law barring an HR department from disclosing that information.

But the company MRA, which helps more than four thousand businesses with HR, says it is unethical.

“A candidate should absolutely feel comfortable when they submit their resume to be considered for employment that it’s not going to be pushed out there for the world to see,” MRA Member Relations Director Beth Mathison said.

Mathison added that, in this day and age, it’s still easy to find someone even if their name is crossed off, and that the applicant could face negative consequences.

“Let’s say this individual was currently working someplace else, and their employer didn’t know they were looking for another job,” she said.

The HR Director for Castalloy said they will investigate this and will not tolerate this behavior.

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