How the Froedtert Hospital Trauma Center prepared during Molson Coors shooting

NOW: How the Froedtert Hospital Trauma Center prepared during Molson Coors shooting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- As soon as Froedtert Hospital got the call about the mass shooting at Molson Coors the trauma center sprang into action and prepared their four trauma bays.

"We could actually have 8 people right away, being seen by professionals," Dr. Marc De Moya, Chief of Trauma Surgery, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, said. "Which is a team of nurses and doctors working together like a pit team on a NASCAR race track."

They called in additional staff, emptied other areas of the E.R. and opened up the operating rooms.

"We didn't know how many victims there were," De Moya said.

Meanwhile, while the Milwaukee Fire Department was flooding all their resources into the Molson Coors campus, Bell Ambulance stepped in to help the city handle other calls.

"It's obviously a very tragic event, but to know that i'm part of a team that can handle an event like that," EMT Basic Russell Johnston said. "And to see the other members out there. The nurses and the doctors just know what they're supposed to do."

Dr. De Moya worked on a team in New York during 9/11 and in Boston during the marathon bombing. But he says, the center is ready for anything, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"Not just for people who might be shot," De Moya said. "But for people who are in car crashes. People who are in motorcycle crashes. People who fall. Construction."

De Moya just wishes they had a chance to save the Molson Coors victims.

"When people are geared up, and ready to do their jobs, and then to not be able to do it, is definitely unfortunate."

Froedtert is the only level one adult trauma center in eastern Wisconsin. The University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison is the only other hospital in the state with that designation.

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