How Michael Falk wound up against Ken Jennings on Jeopardy!

WEST ALLIS-For Thursday's \"Battle of the Decades\" West Allis Champion Michael Falk was put in a trio with one of the most successful champions ever: Ken Jennings.

The executive producer of the game show insists, the names were drawn at random.

The contestants are part of a pool that comes in each day for taping five shows,\" Harry Friedman told CBS 58's Michele McCormack, \"and the contestants who are playing on any given day are randomly drawn.\"


Before the taping in Culver City, California Falk told CBS 58 News that he used flash cards and computer programs to prepare.

\"I just worked on anything in the middle,\" explained Falk.  \"I know I'm good at math and science so I left those things alone. The things I'm not good at I left them alone too.  Reporter: Like? I know I'm bad a movies.\"

For Jennings, strategy is key.

\"Daily Doubles tend to be easier than Final Jeopardy,\" Jennings told McCormack. \"So when I'm watching people at home when I'm on my couch as I often do,  You got bet more on the Daily Doubles and not so much on Final Jeopardy.\"


Falk and Jennings appear in \"Battle of the Decades\" Thursday, April 3rd at 6 p.m. on CBS 58 Milwaukee.


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