Hospitality workers march to Milwaukee's City Hall demanding higher wages, better benefits

NOW: Hospitality workers march to Milwaukee’s City Hall demanding higher wages, better benefits

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Workers gathered at Milwaukee's City Hall on Thursday morning as part of a march.

Most of the workers, from the service and hospitality industry, were rallying for higher wages, better benefits and job protections.

They were marching in support of legislation that would offer better wages and benefits across specific industries instead of by workplace.

"It would make such a big difference. It’ll give people the ability to invest, to take care of their families, to help their communities," Wanda Lavender with Fight for 15 said. "Be able to come off of welfare, food stamps, childcare and take care of themselves."

Activists collected nearly 20,000 signatures on petitions and delivered them to city leaders. Alderman Tony Zielinski said the higher wages would benefit everyone.

"They get paid more money, they spend more in the local community, help the local economy, help revitalize businesses and it helps reduce crime," Zielinski said. 

The Milwaukee Common Council will soon discuss a resolution that would create a city commission to fight for workers' rights.

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