Horlick High School Receives Golden Football for Chris Maragos

Most high schools have trophy cases.  But few schools have a golden football from the NFL, like they do at Racine's Horlick High School. 

 "Makes you feel good and sense of pride and I think it's a good thing for our school right now, we need some positive stuff.

   Teacher and Coach Steven Zahn is talking about the "Golden Football" awarded to Horlick High in honor of Chris Maragos.

He is an alum who went on to play for the Wisconsin badgers and then to the NFL. 

The golden football is given to schools whose athletes have participated in one of the fifty Super Bowls.

Maragos did with the Seattle Seahawks two years ago.

"Always positive, always talking about hey what are the other people doing, we have to be doing what they're doing or even better than what they're doing if we're gonna make an impact.  And he rubbed off on the other athletes in the school, the other students in the school."

Chris Maragos played this past season with the Philadelphia Eagles, but no matter where he goes he can always come back to Racine and see his name right next to that golden football.

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