'Honor code' policy on Wisconsin vaccine phase 1C raises line jumping concerns

NOW: ’Honor code’ policy on Wisconsin vaccine phase 1C raises line jumping concerns

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Governor Tony Evers announced Friday, March 12, all Wisconsinites will be eligible for a vaccine May 1.

While many of us will have to wait until then, the 1C vaccine group is expected to be eligible by the end of this month.

The state says the preexisting condition portion of group 1C will operate on the honor system.

That has raised concerns about people jumping the line.

Some with preexisting conditions are waiting in lines, hoping to receive unused vaccines at the end of the day.

They're concerned people without those conditions will fake them.

"I would hope that people would be honest. I'm being totally honest about it. It's like, hey, I'm waiting my turn," said Jerry.

Hayat pharmacist Hashim Zaibak says they will be put in a tough spot when group 1C becomes eligible March 29.

They cannot check those claiming to have -- for example -- high blood pressure or diabetes.

"If a lady comes and says that she's pregnant, I mean, there's no way for us to check, so we'll just believe them," Zaibak said. 

DHS has now added restaurant workers to the groups eligible in 1C.

But factory workers are still absent. 

The Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Association says that is a mistake.

"The CDC said that manufacturing workers should be in phase 1B," said WMC spokesperson Nick Novak. "Manufacturing workers don't have the ability to work from home. And a lot of manufacturing workers shifted production over to making PPE."

Zaibak says by May 1, when all Wisconsinites are eligible, the supply of vaccine will be much closer to demand.

"Every week we're getting better quantity than the week before. So I'm very optimistic."

State health officials have said it could be July before everyone who wants to can actually get their hands on a vaccine.

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