Home invasion shakes rural Kenosha County town for second time in less than a week

NOW: Home invasion shakes rural Kenosha County town for second time in less than a week

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- For the second time in less than a week, a home invasion has rocked a small Kenosha County town.

The latest happened mid-day Monday, Dec. 13, and again, the victim is a woman home alone in a farmhouse, her doors unlocked. She's okay, but shaken.

Paris, Wisconsin, in rural Kenosha County is a place of tranquility, but for two women living just a few miles apart, it became a place to fear. 

The latest home invasion happened around 11:30 Monday morning near Burlington Road and 172nd Avenue. 

Kenosha County put an alert on Facebook, saying a man walked into an unlocked back door. The woman's dogs ran down the stairs and scared him off.

Five days earlier, at the same time of day, the same thing happened to Kaley, who was home with her Pitbull on 12th Street after her husband left for work.

"By the time the cop had got here and I was on the phone with dispatch, I think it like started to register, it was no longer that flight moment. It was like oh my gosh, that just happened, and I was sobbing when the cops got here," said Kaley.

Public officials don't want to scare the public, just make them aware.

"We don't want people to overreact, but we do want them to have a heightened sense of awareness of what's going on around them," said John Holloway.

Town Chairman John Holloway encourages Paris residents to call the sheriff's department if they notice something out of the ordinary.

"If there's somebody there that shouldn't be or a vehicle parked on the side of the road where normally there isn't one, and then we need to change some of our habits and get in the habit of locking doors even when you're at home," said Holloway.

Paris Consolidated School officials are also doing their part to get the word out, saying especially now, "Please know that our supervision of students when outside for recess, Phy. Ed and at drop-off and pick-up will remain diligent and that all entrances to our building are locked."

It's unclear whether it's the same man in these home invasions. 

For now, residents are being asked to keep their doors locked and to lock their cars, too. 

Last summer the area had a number of things stolen out of unlocked vehicles.

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