Community on alert after homeowner comes face-to-face with intruder in rural Kenosha County

NOW: Community on alert after homeowner comes face-to-face with intruder in rural Kenosha County

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A real-life horror movie played out in rural Kenosha County this week, when a homeowner came face-to-face with a guy breaking in.

Deputies have an eye out for this man and they're asking you to keep an eye out as well.  

In broad daylight Tuesday, deputies say he walked into a farmhouse, ignored the homeowner's biting Pitbull and advanced toward her.

Still shaken and not sleeping at night, Kaley's telling her story to prepare others she fears may be next.

"It terrifies me even more that he may go into somebody else's home," said Kaley, who asked us not use her last name.

This is Paris, in rural Kenosha County off Highway 142 and less than a mile from I-94. 

Tuesday morning, Kaley's husband left for work. She was home with her dog Bella. 

Around 11 a.m., something didn't sound right in their old farmhouse.

"It sounded like footsteps and at first I thought it was our furnace," said Kaley.

A closer listen revealed heavy breathing. With that, Kaley sent Bella into the hallway.

"I've never heard her bark like that ever. It's like she knew he was not supposed to be here and was trying to hurt us," said Kaley.

Bella attacked the intruder, a tall, heavyset man, likely in his 40s, wearing a dark brown Carhart jacket and maroon-colored beanie. He had thick eyebrows.

Kaley saw the attack, then ran for her gun.

"And the way he looked at me was just stone cold, and he didn't even care that my dog was jumping and biting. I pointed the gun at him and he did not respond. It was like nobody home. He started to run out to the door, but he like paused at my door," said Kaley.

With every ounce of courage, Kaley shoved the man out, locked the door, but saw him seem to run to her side door. She got to it first, then saw the man get into a red SUV and drive off.

Kaley says she has just learned Wisconsin's a castle doctrine state, which allows you to shoot an intruder in your home.

Had she known this, she says she might have done things differently. 

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