Home Burglarized in Shorewood; Police Believe Certain Homes are Being Targeted

SHOREWOOD - The Shorewood Police Department is investigating a residential burglary that happened in the 4100 block of N. Newhall Street.

An unknown suspect entered a home through the rear door of a residence sometime between January 4th and January 7th. The suspect(s) took electronics and a small safe from the residence. 

The Shorewood Police believe that the suspects involved in the recent burglaries in the area are targeting homes that do not show signs of occupancy. For example, no lights on during hours of darkness, mail visible in the mailbox, packages left outside the home, no movement inside the home, etc.

The Shorewood Police Department is coordinating with surrounding jurisdictions that have had similar incidents recently. They have identified possible suspects in these cases. Shorewood Police will continue to work with other jurisdictions to locate and apprehend the individuals responsible. 

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