Holiday Makes for Busy Day for Emergency Responders

NOW: Holiday Makes for Busy Day for Emergency Responders

While many Americans are enjoying a day off for the fourth of July, emergency responders are on the job. And on days like holidays they could be especially busy.

Emergency responders say their calls more than double on holidays and Independence Day is no exception.

CBS 58 took a ride with Bell Paramedics to see how they work to keep people safe.

Paramedic David Mikec has worked in the industry for the past eight years, responding to a number of calls, at various times, on any given day.

And on a holiday ha and the crew are prepared for an expected rise in calls.

Naturally, summer days with nice weather tend to have more people out and about. But no matter what the call, Bell is on standby to assist in a moment’s notice.

“We get a lot of respiratory distress calls, heat exhaustion, intoxication, and unfortunately we get our fair share of assault and battery calls,” says Mikec.

Some advice from the team is staying hydrated and keeping cool under the shade.

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