Hoan Bridge lit up in pink in support of abortion rights

NOW: Hoan Bridge lit up in pink in support of abortion rights

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Pro-choice advocates in Milwaukee mobilized Wednesday evening in response to the state senate's inaction at the special session.

Those advocates say they see the writing on the wall and are trying to prepare as best as possible before Roe v Wade is overturned.

Wednesday night the Hoan Bridge was lit up in pink in support of abortion rights. It's Milwaukee's version of the statewide "pink-out".

Pro-choice supporters say they know what's coming, but they're committed to maintaining care as best they can.

Michelle Velasquez, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin's Director of Legal Advocacy and Services, told the crowd "I wish I was here, of course, under better circumstances."

Tanya Atkinson, President & CEO of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, said, "I feel the energy, I feel the momentum, I feel the power."

Pro-choice advocates did their best to stay upbeat after the Wisconsin State Senate gaveled into a special session Wednesday and then immediately gaveled out seconds later.

Atkinson said, "Your elected officials gave your life, your friends' life, your neighbor's life, your community's lives 14 seconds of their time."

The state's 173-year-old law criminalizing abortion in Wisconsin was left in place, which could take effect immediately when Roe v Wade is overturned.

Those gathered at Boone & Crockett Wednesday shared personal stories.

Dr. Kathy King, an OBGYN, said, "They're really trying to make decisions that are best for their life, for their family, their kids, and the future they envision for themselves."

And Boone & Crockett Co-Owner Emily Dell Revord said, "I know growing up I used it as a resource in high school, through college, even as a young adult."

They pledged solidarity as the likely overturning of Roe v Wade nears.

Alyson Chavez, Bilingual Director of Community Relations, said, "We're just having a moment to come together, have a moment of solidarity, remind our health care… our health center staff that we love them."

The sun was still shining bright as the Hoan Bridge was lit up in pink. It was hard to see before the sun set but it didn't matter for advocates.

Atkinson said, "Sometimes it needs to get dark so we can all see how bright we really are."

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