"He was my baby and this stone was proof he existed" Milwaukee mom searches for son's memorial stone, stolen from home

NOW: “He was my baby and this stone was proof he existed“ Milwaukee mom searches for son’s memorial stone, stolen from home

Hazel Flint was moving out from her home on 12th and Atkinson when someone broke in and stole her mattress, cooking supplies and moving boxes.

Inside one of the boxes was her son's memorial stone. 

"It was supposed to have gone to his grave but he was buried with other children so we couldn't use it. So where ever I go it goes with me," said Flint. 

Once she got settled in her new home, she looked through each box. But no stone. 

"I just sat down and cried because as silly as it sounds it was like losing my son again," said Flint. 

She lost her son back in 2012.

"Because my son was born stillborn people tend to blow off the fact that he never took a breath so he wasn't really here," said Flint.

But this stone is one of the only things that remind her that he existed. Since 2012, she has stayed busy helping other mothers who had stillborn babies. She puts together care bags so women do not have to leave the hospital empty handed.

"My son may not have taken his first breath and he may have never cried but I held him in my arms. He was my baby and this stone is proof he existed," said Flint. 

Flint posted her story on various social media sites. Since then people have reached out to her to help recreate the stone. She is hopeful it will turn up. If you have any information about the stone, contact Hazel Flint. You can go to her Facebook page, "Matties Memory."

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