Guitars for Vets Hopes "Big Cut" Fundraiser Launches National Movement to Help PTSD Veterans

Just days earlier Guitars 4 Vets issued the challenge on CBS 58 News.

On Thursday night, many answered the call in support of Veterans in Kenosha.

The Big Cut Fundraiser was held to mark PTSD Awareness Day.

People got a free hair cut, military style of course, and in exchanged were asked to make a donation to the group which provide free guitars and music instruction for Veterans trying to heal the wounds of service.

The motto was clear: hair grows back, limbs don't. And so many of our military have made that sacrifice.

"It's just one  token of appreciation." explained Guitars 4 Vets Co-Founder Patrick Nettesheim.  "So, I look different. My head's bald. It's going to grow back. It isn't like some of these wounds and injuries are that some of our folks in service have to go through and have to recover from because of what they've given to us."

Guitars 4 Vets was formed by Nettesheim and a Marine who served in Vietnam.

The group hopes to get high profile folks like the Green Bay Packers involved on day to help support the cause.

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