Greenfield Police Officer helps save badly hurt biker

NOW: Greenfield Police Officer helps save badly hurt biker

Police officers spring into action to save a biker and CBS 58 News has the dashcam video.

The heroics played out last Friday at 68th and Layton.

Police officer Justin Triumph came up on a crash between a car and a motorcycle.

He made a tourniquet to stop the heavy bleeding from the wounded man's arm.

Back up then arrived and applied a special medicated gauze which helps blood clotting. 

"Unfortunately in that amount of time frame its possible for someone to die from bleeding out in just five minutes," Officer Triumph tells CBS 58 News. "And it's crucial for us to act before the Fire Department gets on scene."

Doctors later had to amputate the man's arm.

A lady rider on his bike was also hurt and continues to recover.

The driver of the car was not hurt.

Investigators say speed was a factor in the crash. 

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