Greenfield High School remembers Officer Matthew Rittner who graduated in 2001

NOW: Greenfield High School remembers Officer Matthew Rittner who graduated in 2001

GREENFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Greenfield School District is remembering fallen Milwaukee Police Officer Matthew Rittner. Officer Rittner graduated from Greenfield High School in 2001 where he was an athlete competing in wrestling and tennis. 
Greenfield Tennis Team. Rittner pictured top row, second from right.

Former GHS teacher and tennis coach John Thomsen recalled Matthew as a pleasant, easy-going student with a great attitude, “Matthew was thoughtful, kind, respectful, hardworking and always positive. As hardworking as Matthew was, he was also able to keep things "light" and really enjoyed his teachers, coaches, teammates and friends. Matthew's smile and overall positive disposition was contagious. It is no surprise that Matthew chose to serve his country, community and a calling greater than himself."

Matthew Rittner's senior photo

The current Superintendent of Greenfield Schools, Lisa Elliott, was a teacher at Greenfield High School when Officer Rittner was in school. She was also a former classmate of Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales. Superintendent Elliott issued a statement saying:

"On behalf of the entire school district community, we extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of officer Matthew Rittner of the Milwaukee Police Department. We’re very proud of our graduates for their achievements and contributions to the community, particularly our graduates who serve in law enforcement. We appreciate the tremendous responsibility of our law enforcement officers, and we share in their grief for the loss of Officer Rittner."

Greenfield Wrestling. Rittner pictured second row, third from right.

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