Greenfield Firefighter Receives Star of Life for Viral Driveway Shoveling

Tuesday was a day to appreciate Star of Life recipients throughout the state of Wisconsin. Greenfield firefighter and paramedic Tom Konieczka received his award for initiating the clearing of the driveway of a cardiac arrest patient while shoveling.

In a post on their Facebook page, the Greenfield Fire Department said, "this single act by the Greenfield Firefighters has shown the importance of doing the right thing and going beyond what is expected."

The post continued by asking people to encourage firefighters and do the right thing. 

The Star of Life award is presented to reward and celebrate an employee, volunteer, or community citizen who exemplifies the everyday spirit and commitment of a Star of Life. The award is presented by the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin. 

Suggested candidates for the Star of Life include employee of the year, on-duty or off-duty service above the call of duty, setting significant records, significant community contributions outside of EMS, significant community recognition or honors related to ambulance, public safety, public health or health care services or local leadership in developing community partnerships that enhance EMS.

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