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Green Bay Police updating active shooter plan for Lambeau Field

GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS 58) – Police in Green Bay are updating their training procedures in case there’s ever an active shooter at Lambeau Field.

Police say between new officers and stadium renovations they realized they needed to update their plan.

If officers were responding to an active shooter at Lambeau Field, they would have a lot to think about: big crowds, multiple entrances, and rooms spread across several levels.

“People come to Lambeau Field every day from different countries, different states, just to see Lambeau Field. So with that in mind, we developed this plan specifically for Lambeau,” said Commander Paul Ebel with the Green Bay Police Department.

Part of this training included going over the incident involving Chay Vang back in December. Vang was a former Lambeau Field employee who tried to run down a co-worker.

That incident initially came in as a report of an active shooter.

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