Grandparents Post Adorable Photos Every Week Eating Burgers

(CNN) The only thing that rivals Patricia and Fred Burry's love for each other is their love for In-N-Out Burger.

Every week, they go to the California burger chain and Patricia texts her family a photo of Fred with his food.

Their granddaughter, Heather Daniels, put out a tweet how the photos always make her day. And the compilation she posted have made everyone else's too.

"My uncle lives in Washington, where there are no In-N-Out restaurants, so my grandma would send him pictures of the food to make him jealous," Daniels told CNN. "So she would just have my grandpa hold up the food, so that way my uncle misses my grandpa and the food!"

    Daniels' grandparents were "completely shocked" to know they had become Internet sensations.

    "They know I posted the photos on Twitter, but they didn't know how much attention it would get," Daniels told CNN. "My grandma was actually one of the first retweets! Even though she is 75, she likes to stay up to date with all social media.

    "My grandpa is not one to have the spotlight on him, because he is so humble. So to see all this attention on him is amazing!"

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