Grandmother beaten, teens steal car keys and lottery tickets

NOW: Grandmother beaten, teens steal car keys and lottery tickets

A Milwaukee grandmother goes into a gas station to get lottery tickets and is beaten by teenagers outside.

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Milwaukee Police say they're searching for the people who beat up a fify year old woman and tried to steal her car. However, you'll see from this video - she did not go down easily.

Sharon McKinnie walks out of Citgo on 27th and capitol- her lottery tickets and a pepsi in hand - suddenly a woman runs across the lot - and attacks her from behind.

"She pulled my hair. They beat me to get my keys," syas McKinnie.

She says two boys about the same age as her own grandson - punched, stomped and kicked her as the girl took her keys and tried to take her car.

"I have a broken shoulder, I have a broken wrist, a broken elbow, and I have bruises all over me," says McKinnie.

They didn't get the car because McKinnie - fought back.

"They broke the handle off of the car and took off running with my keys," says McKinnie.

Her keys and her lottery tickets.

"If I would have let them get my car then i would have been worried, simple fact is they would have knew my address and have the keys to my house. These kids need to get somewhere and sit down, find something else to do besides stealing cars and robbing people," says McKinnie.

She says besides the fact that these were teenagers beating an older woman. The worst part - several people watched the whole thing and didnt help. Including a pandhandler - who she says even drank the Pepsi she dropped during the fight.

"He gone tell me if I would have gave him some change he probably would have helped. Really tho? It's a cruel world out here," says McKinnie.

If you know anyone involved in this attack at the Citgo on 27th and Capitol on August 13th that you'll turn them in right away.

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