Governor Walker supports Sen. Johnson stance on healthcare bill

NOW: Governor Walker supports Sen. Johnson stance on healthcare bill

Governor Scott Walker says he supports Senator Ron Johnson’s (R-WI) stance on not being ready to vote for the Senate healthcare bill.

At a Friday afternoon stop in Milwaukee, Walker said, “"My argument, and why I support where Senator Johnson is at, that if you're going to repeal it [Affordable Care Act], you better replace it with something better, and I haven't seen that yet."

Walker said he wants to see the Senate bill amended.

Walker said, “I think they need to change it, and I think they will. I think it’s very clear from the comments; I talked to Senator Mitch McConnell the other day as I did last week with Senator Orin Hatch, who has been involved in this. I made my position clear there and I just want to echo my support for Senator Johnson. He’s not saying ‘no how, no way’; he’s just saying ‘help us figure out a way to protect what we have here in Wisconsin.’”

During an interview with CNN, Johnson said, "I have a hard time believing if we take a vote the end of next week that will afford me or my constituents enough time."

Johnson joins four other Republican senators in saying either they aren’t ready to vote for the bill, or they won’t vote for the bill.

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