Good Samaritan sees flames growing at Waukesha Co. business, saves it from burning down

NOW: Good Samaritan sees flames growing at Waukesha Co. business, saves it from burning down

WAUKESHA CO. (CBS 58) --- A fire broke out at a Waukesha County couple’s art studio and home. They nearly lost everything, but luckily, a Good Samaritan came to their rescue.  

Owners of Krauski’s Art Glass Studio, Robert and Mary Krauski were making glass ornaments last month when they got a phone call. It was from Mary’s 99-year-old mother’s nursing home.

“She said look if you want to see your mother before she dies, you should come right now because she’s dying,” Mary said.

With the clock ticking, the couple rushed out of the studio, but being distracted by the news, Robert left a hot plate tool on. That tool overheated lighting the work table and everything on it on fire.

But just down the street, at Ox & Cats Sports Bar and Grill, a man sitting at the bar saw the flames growing inside the art studio from the window. That’s when the customer ran across the street, broke in the Krauski's door, and put out the flames with a fire extinguisher.  

Later, when Robert and Mary got home from saying their final goodbyes they saw their house surrounded and smoke coming out of their front door.

“Dozens of people running in and out, all these people looking frantic,” Mary said.

Their humble hero was more worried about breaking their door to stop the flames.

“The first thing he said to me is he apologized for wrecking my door,” Robert said.

Only their work table was burned up and there was no major damage because the fire was put out so quickly. There was smoke damage and debris all over but the village of Monches community came together to clean it up. Now, for this couple of more than 50 years, it will be a moment they remember.  

“I’m going to have something to yell about the rest of our married life,” Mary said jokingly. “Which I started already ‘yeah, well you burned our house down just about'.”

Fire crews later told them the thousands of dollars’ worth of art, all of their glass pieces and belongings could have been destroyed.

“Another 15 minutes and our house would have gone up and the dogs would have been dead,” Mary said. “Our whole lives would have been gone if it wasn’t for this guy.”

The man went from being a stranger to their savior.

“He’s a hero in my book,” Mary said. “Big time.”

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