Glad You Asked: How is the Milwaukee County Zoo's baby giraffe doing?

Glad You Asked: How is the Milwaukee County Zoo’s baby giraffe doing?

Over the summer, baby giraffes were all the rage. The Milwaukee County Zoo had a baby giraffe born to its exhibit in early September.

His name is Kazi. How is Kazi doing now?

Glad You Asked!

"Kazi is doing really good. He is growing like a weed." said area supervisor Joan Stasica. "So, if anyone wants to come out here while he's little, they should probably get out here real soon. Giraffe babies grow real fast and Kazi's growing real quick. He's starting to eat some adult food. He's still nursing as well."

Kazi's days mostly consist of eating and napping and mimicking the adult behavior.

Just last week, when Kazi turned three months old, the Zoo posted a video of Kazi running around his exhibit.

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