Glad You Asked: Fiserv Forum Wifi

Glad You Asked: Fiserv Forum Wifi


Fiserv Forum is now grandly opened after Sunday's big celebration. The first show is just 8 days away when the Killers come to town.

If you take a killer selfie or a killer Snapchat, you should have no problem posting it thanks to some killer new WiFi technology.

How'd they do it? Glad you asked!

Pay attention in the seating bowl and you'll see little black boxes on the hand rails in the aisles. 

Those are wireless access points, kind of like the router in your home. There are more than 500 of them all over the arena, including many you can't see.

"There's a certain number of people that can connect to each access points." said Bucks executive director of operation technology, Ron Kiepert. "But we've designed this so there's enough access points to handle everyone in each area." 

The tech team says it's fast too.

"This is going to have 20,000 megabits per second." Bucks chief technology officer, Robert Cordova, said. "You divide that by the 16,000 folks here and that's a pretty good slice of bandwidth for everyone in the seats."

The arena also expects full bars on your cellular network. Verizon already has their network installed and the Fiserv team expects more providers to finish installation quickly. AT&T is installing their 5G network up in the catwalk.

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