Get Ready to Sizzle by Week's End

By Friday, we could see heat we haven't seen since August of 2013.  We're forecasting the mercury to soar into the mid 90s for many of us.  Of course, this is without the humidity.  With it, the "real feel" temperature could top 100 degrees!  On Thursday, the temperature will be in the low 90s.  On days like these, remember to pace yourself and drink lots of water.  Make sure to keep the pets inside as much as you can.

This heat is coming in the middle of the "Dog Days of Summer."  This period typically runs from July 3rd until August 11th, considered to be the warmest time of the year.  But contrary to popular belief "Dog Days" has nothing to do with dogs.  It actually refers to the "Dog" star.  This is the second brightest star to the naked eye in our solar system.  And it's during this time of year when it's in conjunction with the sun.  In other words, the two practically rise and set together.

In the meantime, the warm front bringing in all the intense heat and humidity will start to move through on Wednesday.  This is the day we could see rounds of storms.  We do need the rain.  The rainfall deficit in the Milwaukee area is close to six inches for the year.  Hopefully the storms won't be too strong.

To keep ahead of all the weather changes, make sure to download the free CBS58 weather app.  It's a good tool to keep you in the "weather know."

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