Germantown PD watching out for drag racing

 The Germantown Police Department will be conducting extra patrols in select areas throughout Germantown this Spring and Summer watching for street racing.  

Over the weekend, the department got a call about racing going on. It turns out, it happened in an adjacent jurisdiction in an industrial park. 

The drivers fled upon seeing police in the area. 

In previous years, the Germantown Police Department has responded to reports of organized street racing in multiple locations throughout the Village. 

GTPD are encouraging citizens to contact them immediately if they see or hear what appears to be street racing occurring in the village. 

They are asking that if you have immediate access to a cell phone, video of license plates, vehicles, and drivers that will aid their investigation.

Germantown Police Department has adopted a zero tolerance policy for street racing in the Village. 

Any offenders will be detained or identified, and then cited and prosecuted for all applicable offenses observed by responding officers. 

The department said that if you have a teen or young adult driver in your household, please be proactive and discuss with them the dangers of engaging in street racing

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