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Gehl Foods gives employees thousands as parting gift

 Not only did Katherine Gehl give each and every employee up to ten thousand dollars, she also gave them the gift of job security.

\"It's very much unheard of, but very much appreciated!\" exclaimed Cathy Fabitz. 

Cathy Fabitz has worked for Gehl Foods for 33 years. She was in shock when she heard the company was being sold. 

Officials with the company say the company, which is best known for its cheese sauce, was growing so fast, it needed the help of a larger firm.

Fabitz quickly grew more shocked when she learned all employees earned thousands of dollars from the sale. 

 \"How wonderful is that? To give every employee a chance to do something that perhaps they would have have to save for five years to do,\" said Fabitz. 

Each full time employee was given $5,000 in their paycheck and $5,000 toward retirement. It's a move that cost the company $3 million. Long time employees like Ann Kocher, who has worked there for 12 years, said even the delivery was special. 

\"It was wonderful and it just took me by surprise because Catherine went around to all employees and handed them an envelope with a darling card,\" said Kocher. 

\"To the magnitude that they did it was mind-boggling,\" said Lance Miller. 

Company officials say the best part is no jobs will be lost. Gehl made sure Wind Point Partners would keep her employees and keep Gehl Foods a Germantown-based company.

\"Eric the new person taking over has made us feel very at ease. We know Catherine would never put us in harms way,\" said Kocher. 

\"Community knows and loves Gehl's. We would be shocked if we ever did see it move,\" said employee Larry Rusch. 

In fact they look forward to new growth. 

\"I feel very good. I think Wind Point is going to take Gehl's to another level,\" said Fabitz. 

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