Froedtert put on probation for transplant issue

NOW: Froedtert put on probation for transplant issue

Officials who oversee the nation’s transplant centers have put Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee on probation for concerns with its transplant program.

The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) says an investigation began in January related to quality concerns with Froedtert’s abdominal organ transplantation services. UNOS won’t reveal exactly what those concerns were, but says the hospital requires close monitoring to address the identified patient safety issues.

Froedtert representatives declined our request for an on-camera interview this week, but did discuss the probationary status.

“The UNOS decision arises from a single, complex transplant case,” Nalissa Wienke, Media Relations Associate for Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin explained.

She said she couldn’t go into detail about the case that prompted the probation due to HIPAA laws, but stressed Froedtert is still allowed to do transplants.

“Nothing about probationary status affects the continued operation of the transplant program, and we will continue to provide transplant services without restriction,” Wienke said.

The probationary period lasts at least 12 months. If Froedtert can show it made necessary improvements, the hospital will be restored to full standing.

“The transplant leadership team developed and is implementing an action plan,” Wienke said.

CBS 58 checked records. There are only three other hospitals around the country currently on probation.

Wienke says this is the first time in the transplant program’s 50 years it has received any kind of disciplinary action.

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