Free flu shot clinic held for Veterans at VA Medical Center

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Now is the time that people start considering whether or not to get a flu shot for the season.

At The VA Medical Center in Milwaukee, there was a special effort on Saturday to get veterans vaccinated. A free walk-in flu clinic was held and the staff said it's quick and easy to get vaccinated.

"So when they come in through the door, we just have them fill out a walk-in slip. We just verify that they are a veteran enrolled for medical care at the VA Medical Center. If they are not enrolled for care, we do have our admissions office that is open that can have that available to them so they just come in and get their vaccination," said Stacy Olson, RN, Va Medical Center.

Getting a flu shot early this year is also important for seniors.

Pharmacies around the country are experiencing a shortage of the high-dose flu shot that seniors usually get. 

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