'Free and Local American Wheat' beer being brewed to help feed people in need

NOW: ’Free and Local American Wheat’ beer being brewed to help feed people in need

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Soon you'll be able to enjoy a locally brewed beer knowing that you're also helping people who are hungry in your community here in Milwaukee.

"Hunger Task Force is thrilled to be here at MobCraft beer," said Hunger Task Force Director of Development Johnathan Hansen. "We are brewing the first ever 'Free and Local American Wheat' beer that we have partnered with MobCraft on to not only quench the thirst of craft beer lovers throughout our community, but also every pint is going to help feed hungry families in our community and support our mission."

Hansen says when MobCraft brewery called on non-profits to pitch potential beers to benefit their organizations, they knew what they had to do.

"It was really a no brainer for us that it was going to be a wheat beer," said Hansen, pointing to the wheat in the Hunger Task Force logo on his t-shirt. "And the community really must have loved it because they came out in full force, and they voted for our beer as the winner of the contest."

"Obviously it's going to be a heavily wheat beer. So, we use about 35 to 40% wheat in the crisp bill for this beer," said MobCraft co-founder and brewer Andrew Gierczak.

Gierczak says today they began the process of cooking the wheat and barley, then adding hops, the malt, and sending it to ferment for the next three to four weeks.

"And we're going to be fermenting it with some half of ice and yeast at a lower temperature. So, we're still gonna get some clove and banana character coming through but we're shooting for easy-going drinkability for this beer," said Gierczak.

When the beer is ready, $1 from every pint sold at MobCraft will be going to Hunger Task Force to aid in their effort of feeding those in need.

Hansen says they're hoping more local bars, restaurants and distributors reach out to MobCraft to spread the beer and bring even more money in for a good cause.

"So that the entire community can one, sample the beer, enjoy the beer, but knowing that proceeds are going to benefit hungry families," said Hansen.

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