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4 Milwaukee teens in custody for trying to carjack woman in Wauwatosa church parking lot

WAUWATOSA (CBS 58) – Four Milwaukee teens were taken into custody after police say they tried to carjack a woman in a church parking lot.

It happened around 7 a.m. on June 4,  a woman was on her way to work at St. Bernard Parish, 7476 Harwood Avenue.

The 64-year-old woman parked her car when four teens in a stolen car pulled in and blocked her car.

Two of the suspects got out and went into the victim's car. She backed away and started to scream.

Her cries for help grabbed the attention of a coworker nearby who called 911.

"Four black males just tried to carjack a woman in our parking lot," said the caller. 

The two suspects couldn't get the car to start. 

“He physically ripped the keys from around her neck, thinking those would be the keys for the car - they weren’t," said Cpt. Brian Zalewski, Wauwatosa Police Department. 

When they realized the keys didn't work, they jumped back in the stolen car with the other two suspects and took off. 

Just a couple hours later, Milwaukee Police pursued the suspects in the stolen car. They tried running away but all four were taken into custody by MPD. 

Investigators determined the stolen car was out of Shorewood. 

All of the suspects are 14-years-old, they are being held on charges for this incident. 

“They admitted some level of being involved, really their statements show no sympathy or concern for the people they are out there victimizing," said Zalewski. 

The victim was not injured in the incident. 

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