Former President Bill Clinton campaigns for Mary Burke

Former President Bill Clinton campaigned Friday for democratic business executive Mary Burke. Nearly 900 people showed up to the event. President Clinton touched on several hot topic issues, including raising the minimum wage.

\"If you raised it to twenty dollars an hour it would cause a real burden on small businesses. No one is proposing that, but if you raise it to keep up with inflation then millions of other Americans that are just above that, they get a pay raise too,\" said Former President Clinton.

Clinton reminded the crowd that he passed legislation to raise minimum wage by 90 cents back in 1996. It went from $4.95 to $5.15.

\"You're lifting America from the bottom up. You're lifting Wisconsin from the bottom up,\" said Clinton.

Late Thursday night a source close to Governor Walker told CBS 58 News that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be coming back to Wisconsin to campaign for the incumbent.

The visit will happen some time next week, but there are no details yet on the exact time and place.

The election is November 4th. Early voting is underway.

Milwaukee election officials believe as many as 30,000 people will cast an early ballot by Halloween.

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