Menomonee Falls window company now under investigation after dozens of complaints from customers

NOW: Menomonee Falls window company now under investigation after dozens of complaints from customers

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- Complaints continue to pour in about a Menomonee Falls window company. Many customers say they never received their orders after paying or setting up financing. CBS 58 has now learned that law enforcement is involved.

A Brown County Sheriff's Sergeant confirmed with CBS 58's Tajma Hall that an investigation into Window Select has been opened. Officials are working to learn if any crimes have been committed in relation to company funds and who is responsible. 

Since our story first aired about Window Select Monday night, dozens of customers have reached out to share their concerns about orders they placed. Most had similar stories about unfulfilled orders worth thousands of dollars. 

We're also hearing from former Window Select employees who have left the company due to what they call bad business practices. "My integrity is more important than my salary," said River Eastwood, former Creative Director for Window Select.

Eastwood worked at the company for two years and left this past January. He often worked on the advertising end of the business.

"I liked my job. I did. I got to do a lot of really creative and cool things," he said. But he says his experience with the company turned negative after he began to notice concerning patterns.

Eastwood says the on going issues drove his out and the countless customer complaints against Window Select are no surprise to him. "It's a frustrating position to be in and when I put all the pieces together, it's hard not to morally care," said Eastwood.

Despite the threat of retaliation from company lawyers, Eastwood says he feels it's important to speak out and calls the way the company does business a scam.

"It took me a while to we can have all of these sales and not be financially floating? What is the problem?" he said.

Eastwood says many questions remain about where customer dollars went after down payments and financing funds were released to Window Select. He also says he became concerned when company advertising bills went unpaid. "I know how much those amounts were and it's massive," he said.

Another former employee spoke about why he left the company. He chose to remain anonymous but says he worked as a salesperson for Window Select.

"I was the one that went into your house and measured your windows, sales pitched you and sold you the products," he said. He went on to share that he's bothered by the fact that many of his customers never got what they paid for.

"It honestly makes me feel sick to my stomach. This goes against everything that i completely stand for which is why I left," he said.

So why aren't people getting their windows? CBS 58 stopped into Window Select to get answered but were told a manager or the owner could not be reached. 

A man named Brian Knox who identified himself as a representative for Window Select later called and said a statement would be sent regarding the ongoing order issues.

Here is the full statement shared on behalf of Window Select: 

“We are thankful to our customers for their ongoing patience. Like many companies in the construction industry, we are facing unexpected challenges including supply chain issues which have caused a backlog in order fulfillment and delays. We recognize this is extremely frustrating for our customers and we share in that frustration. Our representatives are working to help address any customer needs. We are working hand-in-hand with our vendor partners to complete backorders and take delivery of customer windows and have them installed as soon as possible."

If you need assistance further than the company can offer, contact DATCP’s Bureau of Consumer Protection at (800) 422-7128, or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Wisconsin's Better Business Bureau is also encouraging consumers with concerns to file a complaint with them. 

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